If you have been injured in an automobile accident there are two separate claims which will arise as a result of that accident.

Personal Injury Automobile AccidentsProperty Damage – First Claim

The first is called property damage. This will involve getting your vehicle repaired or receiving the fair market value of your vehicle is if it is determined to be totaled. The insurance company for the responsible party would be required to either provide you with transportation until your vehicle is repaired or if for some reason you have another vehicle it would still be required to pay for the loss of use of the vehicle which has been damaged. This normally represents the rental rate for a vehicle for each number of days until they have your vehicle repaired.

We can assist you in getting a rental car until your vehicle is repaired or assist you in arriving at a fair value. There is no charge for helping you with the property damage portion of your claim.


Personal Injury – Second Claim

The second claim is for personal injury, this will involve your claim for the following:

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Lost Wages
  3. Physical pain and mental suffering and any permanent injury that you might incurThe law has recently changed in North Carolina as to the amount of medical expenses you are allowed to claim in court so there are some avenues to help increase the amount of medical expenses you are allowed to claim in Court. This will increase the value of your case. We can provide you with the necessary information to help us help you recover fair compensation for the medical expenses.The physical pain and suffering which you endure is difficult to evaluate in the absence of specific facts. However, for 30 years we have helped clients determine what is a reasonable value versus what might happen if we go to Court.If you lose any wages as a result of being out of being an accident, we can help you recover for your lost wages as wellAnd lastly, if you incur a permanent injury as result of the accident you would be entitled to recover some sort of compensation for what you will endure for the rest of your life.These are the types of issues that we deal with every day and we have been successful in thousands of cases of helping our clients recover fair compensation prior to the necessity of a lawsuit. If the insurance company makes an unreasonable offer in your case, we are well prepared to pursue your case in court if that becomes necessary. In fact, we do lawsuits for other injury firms when a case reaches the point that the insurance company is not going to offer a reasonable settlement amount.

In our experience, approximately 70% of serious cases require some sort of Court action. You can count on us to go to Court with you if the need arises.

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